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Cupping Therapy

30 min/$95

Cupping Therapy is a traditional, time-honored treatment remaining favored by millions of people worldwide because it’s safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health disorders.  Cupping Therapy uses suction, rather than compression (used in massage therapy) for bodywork ranging from myofascial release to lymphatic drainage and everything in between!

  • cupping rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release
  • loosens & lifts connective tissues
  • breaks up and drains stagnation
  • increases blood & lymph flow to skin and muscles in ways not possible using compression.

Schedule an appointment/consultation about Suction Therapy with Mint Dreams to begin healing with one of the oldest and effective treatments to date.

Suction Therapy draws out toxins and disease from the body it achieves excellent results for a broad range of disorders including:

  • traumatic injuries
  • stubborn and orthopedic conditions
  • sports injuries
  • trigger points
  • neurological dysfunctions
  • asthma, and overall health maintenance

Add On: For Cupping or Suction Therapy Massage

Reflexology: (Magnet Cups)

30 min/$95

*Bronx Location Only

Add-on to any massage session except pre-natal and hot stone

Medical Massage

    60 min / $110
    30 min / $85

Treatment for pain relief and recovery of chronic conditions, old or current injuries, and post-surgeries related to muscular injuries such as carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, sciatica etc.

  • Recommended 1-2 times weekly for optimal recovery.
  •  Treatment may include an analgesic product, heat, or paraffin depending on condition.


30 min/$25  Hands 
30 min/$35  Feet
60 min/$55  Hands and Feet

$10 add-on to any massage or facial session

Paraffin is a relaxing warm wax treatment that creates a mask to soothe and moisturize the hands and feet. Paraffin includes a cleanse/scrub and a healing massage.

Mint Dreams recommends a Paraffin treatment for clients suffering from:

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